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Take some time to go through the answers of some of the most frequently asked questions in our professional field. The information on garage doors you will find here is thorough, objective and highly useful. Make sure that you have the required knowledge to get things right when it comes to overhead doors.

Is it easy to install a customized garage door?

Garage Door Repair Mendota Heights is able to install your customized door once our technicians have received all of the measurements. It is important that all of the measurements are accurate to ensure that the installation is properly done.

What should I look for in a new garage door?

In addition to finding a garage door that you find physically appealing, you should definitely make sure you know some of the features that the door offers, ease of use and the type of maintenance required to keep it operating smoothly.

The power went out and I cannot open my door. What to do?

Automatic garage doors have manual release features. This ensures that you can still operate your garage door even if the power is out. Pull the cord for the manual release and try opening the door.

How long openers usually last?

Most modern openers have a useful life of around 10 years on average. Some can work well for more than 15 years. It depends on the construction and the quality of the components. The frequency of use also plays a role. To ensure that your opener lasts longer, you should provide full maintenance at least once a year. It should include inspection, testing, lubrication and adjustment of the settings, if needed.

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