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If you want to learn how to do things better when it comes to your overhead garage door, you have come to the right place. Here you will find valuable tips on all kinds of topics which concern owners and users. Use the advice you obtain effectively to enjoy great benefits.

Use the clicker only when the overhead door is clearly visible

This is a simple measure for preventing accidents. You must avoid pressing the button of the garage door remote when you are around the corner or when it is dark outside since cannot see it well. Similarly, you should not use the transmitter when looking in the opposite direction.

Protect the bottom galvanized parts from chemicals

Some chemical compounds found in road salts and driveway cleaners can damage the protective layer of galvanized steel and cause the bottom brackets, bearings, and the bottom ends of the garage door tracks to rust. That is why our specialists recommend cleaning and rinsing the garage floor and the driveway properly as often as necessary.

Do not try to beat the door before it shuts

Although it may be tempting to run under your garage door to quickly grab something you’ve left behind, don’t! You may underestimate how quickly the door will come down and could be harmed by it if you don’t get out in time.

Keep your children safe from garage door related accidents

Garage doors are equipped with a safety reverse feature, which keeps accidents from happening. To reinforce your family’s safety, especially that of young children, make sure that you do your end of the trade as well. For one, keep the opener switch and the remote control out of reach of your children.

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