Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Loud Noise Resolved

These past few days, there was this loud noise when operating our garage door. It was kind of irritating, especially when I needed to rest, as my room was near the garage. I would wake up because of the noise when other people in the house were leaving and opening the garage door. I decided to get the help of Garage Door Repair Mendota Heights. I had the door checked as soon as possible to resolve the issue. The technician from the company checked the door and found out what was causing the noise. He explained what he needed to do and went on to do the repair. I am so happy that I called these experts, as I do not have to deal with the irritating noise again.

Reliable Broken Spring Repair

This is not the first time that our garage door spring broke. However, we were not surprised as the technician from Garage Door Repair Mendota Heights already explained to us that this is natural and the springs are often the first ones to break because they receive much tension. This company was the same company that helped us when the spring of our door first broke. After a long time, we needed their help again to have the spring replaced once more. Task was done effectively like before. Our garage door is now working perfectly. I would always go to them for all my garage door needs as they are reliable.

Our Door is Quiet Again

I had no idea why, but my garage door opener started to make those terrible, terrible noises. My baby's bedroom is right above the garage, and the noise was so loud she'd wake up every time my husband came from work or my older son took the car out, and I had to act. I called Garage Door Repair in Mendota Heights, and scheduled an appointment first thing in the morning. These guys were amazing. I don't know what they did, but it worked like magic! The door is quiet just like in the days we first got it. I'll definitely keep their number close!

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