Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Rollers

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There are many components that are connected to your garage door. If you have recently had repairs made and have been told that you need new rollers, perhaps it might be helpful to know something about them and how they function. They are offered in different materials. When you become familiar with the things that matter the most to you in regard to your garage door, such as expectations, you’ll be able to find the right parts. The material of your rollers will ultimately determine how long they will remain in good working condition, how much noise the doors will make, how much the weather will affect them and the weight that they will be able to lift.

Choose Rollers

Garage Door RollersThe main priority should be to figure how much weight your rollers will be able to handle. We will first let you know what your existing garage door material is, and for that matter, the weight of the doors is of utmost importance. It'll help you in selecting doors that are of a higher grade. If you are asked the weight of your door, just look inside and you should be able to find it on the door of your garage. After we know the weight we will then need to know more about the impact that the weather could eventually have on your rollers. If you live in an area with high-moisture, you will need zinc plated rollers or stainless steel. This type of material proves resistant to rust. If you have ever had a problem with rust inside your garage, it will be best that this time around, you select the ones designed with zinc plating or stainless steel. Its rust isn’t a problem and has never been a problem - you can use the same materials as your old rollers. Finally, we will discuss how quiet you need your garage doors. Your best option when you are looking for quiet rollers is to choose the ones that are made of nylon. However, you should keep in mind that the steel rollers will last longer and are usually less expensive than the nylon. The number of ball-bearings inside the roller will affect the noise level. The more they have, the quieter they will be. The other advantage is that you won’t have to replace them as quickly. You should also check with our experts about the life cycle of your rollers because this may also help you in determining which ones to purchase.

The Bottom Line

The choice is yours. It will be based on the things most important to you. Steel rollers do not have to be replaced as quickly as nylon, they can manage heavier doors and are less expensive than nylon rollers. Nylon rollers are quiet and weigh less. Your rollers will last longer if you use a roller with more ball-bearings. The number of ball-bearings will also determine how much you spend on your rollers. If you do not have an issue with rust, steel stems will work perfectly fine. However, if rust is a problem choose zinc plated or stainless steel stems. Don’t forget to take into consideration the roller cycles before making your final decision. Taking all of these things into consideration before making a final decision will help you choose long lasting rollers. Don’t waste money simply because you didn’t take the time to do research. To save time, you can always turn to our experts and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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