The Garage is Perfect for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration Why and How

The Garage is Perfect for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration Why and How

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When planning a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration, many overlook one of the best places possible: Their own garage. Why is the garage the perfect place to celebrate your love? And how can the space be properly transformed?

Why the Garage is the Perfect Place to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Part of the reason many go to restaurants is to escape the monotony of dining in the home. We all have a natural need for variety. But strangely, upon returning home, we return to the same routine and the evening becomes less-than-romantic. Here are a few reasons the garage can be the best place for your romantic Valentine’s Day celebration.The Garage is Perfect for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

* Different is Good: We all need a change from time to time and the garage can be decorated and lit as such that a romantic mood can be set. Once the evening turns romantic, there can be…

* Continuity: Rather than a long car ride home to be greeted by your house and the automatic routine that will invariably set in, the continuity of the mood can be carried over without pause. Provided you have…

* Send the Kids to their Grandparents: This goes without saying for anyone with children. They are wonderful kids, but not conducive to a romantic Valentine’s Day. Finally, create…

* Personalized Ambiance.

How to Make the Garage the Perfect Place to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The key to any romantic gesture is personalization. A roadside fireworks stand once decorated its 4th of July offering with Racing emblems, checkered flags, and similar items. As can be imagined, nearly everyone in that city who was a racing fan went to that stand. We are naturally drawn to things which reflect our interests.

All couples have at least some shared interests. So why not incorporate those interests into the décor for the garage. Of course, unlike the rest of the home, the average garage has plenty of hooks and such in the ceiling and sides from which to hang decorations, making it easy not only to set up, but also to take down later.

Also, if it is a nice evening, the garage door can be opened so that the two of you can dine in the open air. The best part is that should the weather turn inclement, the garage door can simply be closed and the Valentine’s Day celebration can go on as planned.

The most important thing to remember is that Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love. Make it special by making it all about the two of you. And if you do not want to cook, there is an abundance of private caterers in every city today. But plan well ahead. If this page goes viral, there will be many Valentine’s Day celebrations in garages across America this year ;)

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